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living room trends 2022

THIS COMING YEAR, design is getting comfortable with current vogues that’ll go the distance, a few oldies making a comeback, and timeless classics holding strong. Given this variety, you’ll be not only be able to create a home that’s on trend, but will also remain in style for time to come.

Zoning areas for work, rest and play

Our homes have never had to work harder than in recent years,

especially living rooms – becoming home offices, home schooling hubs and an entertaining space. As a result the emerging trend of zoning is set to be an ongoing way of making sure our living rooms perfectly suit our multifaceted


70’s Retro Kickback

A touch of retro is more than enough to spruce up a home. Gentle suggestions of burnt orange, moss greens, and other warm neutrals brighten up-and-coming interiors. Make a pass at your local flea market for these pops of color and patterns, or reupholster a vintage couch.

Bring Authentic Greenery Into Tour Home

Plants will not only complement your natural woods and warm browns, but they will also purify the air. Besides, seeing your blooms grow brings a deep sense of fulfillment and joy.

Scandinavian Interior

The second living room trend of 2022 is the Scandinavian Interiors. This style is all about clean lines, simple designs, and minimalist color accents. From furniture, decors to interiors, expect to see many Scandinavian elements in the upcoming year. Scandinavian style mainly consists of white walls, wood floors, modern furniture, and minimalist decor.


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