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Interior Decorator Organization Expert

Founder of Place-space and diligent professional, Anna  has been making a huge buzz in cities including  Atlanta, Miami and New York City.  With diverse tastes, she has the ability to transform her client's home / closet / work space to a peaceful, appealing environments.  You cant help but acknowledge her work and drive, styling a diverse clientele ranging from corporate professionals to entertainers. Specializing in wardrobe enhancement, closet detoxing, and personal shopping, needless to say her knowledge and work ethic exceeds today's typical professional. 

"My goal is to help my clients conquer, Anna states, "I want my clients to feel good, and do great".

 Anna is people person, she really enjoys a challenge and thrives on problem solving. She confidently brings to every job masses of energy, motivation and inspiration.

Anna has more than 10 years experience  working with private clients not only styling their wardrobes and homes. She has a great understanding on how to deliver bespoke organization needs for busy people who have demanding lives.


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